How We Generated Over $40,000,000 In Profit For Clients With Simple Advertisements In 2019!

How We Generated Over $40,000,000 In Profit For Clients With Simple Advertisements In 2019!

Short Note: Profit Zombies is a marketing group based out of Tampa, FL who’s sole mission is to help increase in-office profitability without increasing an office’s monthly marketing spend.  Before we get into how we generated over $40,000,000 in profits for our clients we’re going to run you through a little example of why traditional Facebook advertising just doesn’t work!

Facebook advertising for most offices is something that almost every office has used, but most offices end up running into issues faster than they can blink their eyes.  If you’ve run Facebook advertisements or paid someone to run Facebook advertisements you already know what we’re talking about.

  • Marketing companies charging an arm and a leg with no proof before they start service with your office and you’re forced to pay several thousand dollars per month in management.
  • Marketing companies will tell you that you’re getting so many new patient opportunities but out of all of the people they generate for the office only 10-15% ever show up.
  • Marketing companies will brainwash you into believing that you need to call the “new patient opportunities” or leads a million and one times and they’ll make you believe that you need to actually call them late at night or else the odds of you getting them to schedule an appointment and actually come through the front door.

If you haven’t paid a company to run Facebook advertisements we’re going to make this extremely simple.  If you’ve run Facebook advertisements in the past please read the following information and see how close we get to your previous experience with companies that you’ve hired.

Most marketing companies will start off by telling you that you’re going to get between 30-50 “new patient opportunities” or “leads” per month and they’re going to charge you either a flat rate price which includes money to display the advertisements online and a monthly management fee / advertising fee.

Most companies are very capable of generating 30-50 leads per month and here’s what they end up collecting from each “new patient opportunity”.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

From these leads most marketing companies will instruct you to call them as quickly as possible and as many times as possible to increase the odds that you get a patient through the front door.  We’ve heard of offices being told that it doesn’t matter what time of day or what day of the week it is, but you or your staff are supposed to be calling these people to book appointments ASAP.

Even with these precautions, most offices run into what we call “Lead Depression” or experience what we’ve coined “Leaky Bucket Syndrome”.  These occur when you have a ton of interest, but when the rubber meets the road only 10-20% of patients actually end up walking through your front door and you’re left confused, upset, and cheated.

For all of our clients we give a “miracle month” example where we pretend that we’re a fake marketing company that gets you 100 “leads” or “new patient opportunities” in a month and break down how and why these patients never actually end up showing up.
*Please note this is not how we run our advertisements, it’s an example*

So, let’s assume in a month we get you 100 “leads” and give you their basic contact information.  Like we mentioned earlier in the article above…  You’re supposed to either call them yourself or have your staff call them as quickly as possible and you quickly will realize that no matter how many times you call them and no matter how quickly you call them, only 50/100 (50% of the people you call that the marketing company generated) will actually pick up the phone.

Once you get 50 of the 100 people on the phone, 25/50 that answered will tell you one of three things:

  1. “Go screw yourself” – You’ve called them late at night and what feels like a million times.  Most people by this point are fed up and tired of getting spam calls from the office.
  2. “I don’t remember submitting my information” – This is one of the more common answers that an office will hear when they talk to someone on the phone because they don’t have the heart to tell you that they just aren’t interested anymore.
  3. “I’m not interested” – These are the honest people who don’t want to waste your time.  Out of the 3 this is the best thing to hear because these people won’t no-show for an appointment or waste your time.

Now…  The other 25/50 people who pick up the phone are going to say that they’re interested and want to come into the office for an appointment but we have what we call 5 hidden liars.  Hidden liars are people who don’t want to lie to you and say they “don’t remember submitting their information” but they don’t have the hear to tell you that they’re not interested in coming into the office.

These people frequently will say something like “I’m really interested and want to come into the office but I’m really busy right now (insert whatever random excuse they can come up with) and I want to call you back on Friday when my schedule opens up”.

The only thing we can do in this scenario is to say okay, hang up the phone, put our hands together and begin to pray that they actually call you back because you’ve spend almost $4,000 this month and still haven’t gotten one of these people on the schedule yet!

Eventually Friday rolls around and of course the phone call never comes in which means that you’re left with 20 new patients on the schedule.  10 of those patients actually show up for their appointment which means that you have 10 appointments rescheduled or missed and it creates havoc in the office.

Out of the 10 people that show up, the office then attempts to close or sign up as many patients as possible and then you’d pay off your marketing and then profit off of the marketing…  (Or hopefully profiting!)

This is how a normal marketing campaign works with most companies and sadly this is something that we heard from almost every single office before they started working with us.

Here’s how we solve the problem of traditional Facebook marketing for your practice, it’s way easier than it seems.

When I was younger my father used to take me to trade shows where I’d help him setup a booth to “cop a feel” on someone’s back while his staff would give a 5-10 minute massage to learn if they had any pain or soreness and then from there he’d attempt to book a consultation and examination with the patient.  My father’s secret to getting these patients to show up for their appointment was really simple…  If they paid they’d show up 95% of the time and if they didn’t pay in advance, they’d show up about 10-20% of the time so guess what he did…  He started making every single person start paying in advance, right then and there.

Now, come back to 2020/2021 and we’ve taken the same approach.

We focus on generating patients who pay in-advance and online for an introductory visit or two before we ever provide any contact information for the patients that are going to be coming into your office.  

All of the leads that are generated online pay in advance, online, before you or your staff ever know they exist and instead of having 10-20% of patients walk through the front door over the 73,000 leads that we’ve generated, we’ve had over 71,500 patients that actually walked through the front door of the offices that we work with across the country.

This means that instead of making thousands of phone calls per month just to get a few people through the front door and forcing your office to turn into a mini call center, you can call these people 2-3 times and leave them a voicemail and they’ll call you back…  And the best part….  You don’t have to call them quickly!  We always ask offices that we work with to call their patients the next business day!

Now, to get to how we generated over $40,000,000 in profits for our clients last year…  We spent $8,000,000 in Facebook advertising using our pre-paid model for body contouring and weight loss.  We had 73,000 patients pay for their first few visits online and had over 71,500 of these patients walk through the front door.

With over 71,000 patients that have shown up, our offices averaged a $1,800~ program sale per patient at an average collection value of $1,800 per program.

Yes you read that right, each patient paid on average roughly $1,800 for weight loss and body contouring.

During our program over the past 12 months we’ve had over 23,000 patients not only sign up for these programs in-office with our clients, but we’ve also been able to take off well over 10,000,000 pounds of fat!

The secret is simple… Get the patients to pay in advance, and they’re going to be much more qualified, and much more likely to show up for an appointment!

If you’re interested in learning more about our team and how we strive to maximize in-office profits and increase ROI’s for our clients, schedule an appointment with our team today!