Pre-Paid Qualified & Vetted Patient Leads

With our pre-paid lead systems the typical office will achieve over 95% both book and show rates with every lead generated which means you spend less time calling them and more time treating them!

Pre-Qualified Leads
When your leads pay they're financially investing in their appointment to come into the office and try it out!
Pre-Paid Patients
Not only do we get people to spend over $100 per appointment, but we go after people willing to pay up to $1,800 per program!
Premium Support
Knowing what's going on with your campaign is confusing sometimes but our team is here to help make life easy!
Office Teamwork
We use previous data from other offices to help our clients achieve faster and larger ROI's on marketing without any previous online presence!

We provide pre-paid new patient leads for weight loss practices

We've driven over 71,000 patients through the front door of practices across North America and have generated over $40,000,000 in profits in just 2020 alone!


Active Office Clients


New Patients Every Year


In 2020 Client Profits


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Success comes from actually qualified patients that pay!

Our average office generates 30 pre-paid leads per month to help you and your practice scale faster than ever. Image what over 360 new patients per year would do to help increase your revenue.

Focused on happy new patients
We work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure that you're not only getting patients who want to make a change, but can also afford to make a change!
Customer service that just works
Most marketing companies take what feel like years to respond to emails and we take pride in the fact that we're lightning fast compared to others which means your questions will always get answered!